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On A Personal Note:

What does Kathy Bates, Jane Lynch, Lucille Ball & Cathy Fithian have in common? They all started their acting careers in their 40's.  It is never too late to begin.  We must create a movement to change the culture of how mature actresses are regarded in Hollywood.  If you watch movies & TV shows in England there are women in leading roles who are not perfect, in fact they are ordinary.  The one thing they do have is talent. These are damn good actresses.  The culture of aging out at 40 has to change.  The time is now.  I implore any woman who can write, direct or produce to come forward and create work for women of a certain age.  It's time for us to step into the light and be seen.  

A Day On The Set

Coming soon. 

 Have you ever wanted to experience a day on the set?   Learn Set Etiquette, working with the director, the crew and where is Craft Services?  

All to be revealed!  Stay Tuned!

About Cathy Fithian

Cathy is Founder & CEO of CNN Network. As a working actress in both the SF and LA Markets competition is fierce.  Cathy is at her best strategizing her clients career path for ultimate visibility. However her joy comes from working with potential actors who are just beginning the journey.   If you have had a deep desire to act but have never stepped in front of a camera.  This is a safe and supportive place. 




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